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48 Eyes Of The Loyal People

Drama | Japon | 1 commentaire

  • Titre alternatif : 忠臣蔵の恋~四十八人目の忠臣~ (Chuushingura no Koi ~ 48-ninme no) / 48-ninme no Chuushin / A 48th Loyalist
  • Genre : Romance, Historique, Militaire
  • Diffusion : 24 Septembre 2016 au 25 Février 2017
  • Chaîne de retransmission : NHK
  • Nombre d'épisodes : 20
  • Durée moyenne : 45 minutes par épisode.
  • Casting : Sato Ryuta, Daito Shunsuke, Fukushi Seiji, Hirata Mitsuru, Imai Tsubasa, Nakao Akiyoshi, Sasano Takashi, Takei Emi, Tanaka Rena, Ishimaru Kanji, Niiro Shinya Plus...
  • Synopsis : Non disponible pour le moment.
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    • whiteangel00 a écrit: 1 juin 2017
      Synopsis anglais : Kiyo is a lady-in-waiting who serves the Asano family’s Edo mansion in the Genroku Period. She has fallen in love with Isogai Jurozaiemon, a samurai of the Ako domain. Kiyo sets her mind to overcome the difference in social status and live for love. But at that moment, bloodshed occurs when Asano Naganori, the young lord of the Ako domain, attacks the master of ceremonies, Kira Yoshinaka, inside Edo Castle. This incident sets Kiyo’s destiny in motion as the 48th “loyal vassal” unable to participate in the raid with Jurozaemon and the rest of the 47 lordless Ako samurai. After they pull off the raid on Kira’s residence, Kiyo’s second life begins. She gets close to a family positioned to accede to the shogunate and eventually enters the inner palace of Edo Castle with the aim of restoring the Asano family.

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