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The Wizard's Daughter

Drama | Thaïlande | 3 commentaires

  • Also known as : ลูกสาวพ่อมด (Look Sao Phor Mod) / Luksao Phomot / Wizard Daughter
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance
  • Aired : 24 Juin 2014 au 25 Juillet 2014
  • Network : Channel 3
  • Number of episodes : 24
  • Cast : Sorawit Suboon, Apinun Prasertwattanakul, Sumonthip Leungutai, Prima Bhunjaroeun, Chokchai Boonworametee, Mawin Taweepol, Sruangsuda Lawanprasert, Chaidi Dididi Plus...
  • Synopsis : Currently not available.
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    • M-chan a écrit: 10 août 2014
      A moi aussi il me donne envie, mais impossible de le trouver =(
    • misslovedrama22 a écrit: 10 juillet 2014
      Synopsis: So far the storyline is Pra'ek in the past life was a Japanese Doctor and Nang'ek was the grand daughter of a "Jao Khun or Jao Paya." They fell in love and was a very sweet couple and were going to marry, but then that's when the bombing started (Past was set in World War II Era). In their future lives or modern lives the two meet and don't get along and constantly argue.

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