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The Last Witness

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  • Also known as : 흑수선 (Heugsuseon) / Le Dernier Temoin
  • Genre : Action, Romance, Drame
  • Aired : 16 Novembre 2001
  • Duration : 106 min.
  • Cast : Jung Joon-Ho, Kang Sung-Jin, Kim Soo-Ro, Lee Jung-Jae, Lee Ki-Young, Park Won-Sang, Lee Mi-Yeon, Ahn Sung-Ki Plus...
  • Synopsis : A political prisoner, Hwang-seok is released after 50 years of solitary confinement. A day later, a body with stab wounds is recovered from a harbor. Detective Oh investigates the death and determines the body is that of Yang, a former soldier. Discovering a diary amongst Yang's possessions, Oh follows a trail of clues to a blind antique dealer, Ji-hye. It transpires that it was Yang who was responsible for the imprisonment of Hwang-seok, a suspected communist sympathizer in the Korean War. This makes Hwang-seok the prime suspect for the murder of Yang. But not all is as it seems, and a series of flashbacks back to the dark days of the Korean War and the infamous Geoje POW Camp on Geoje Island leads Oh to Han, a former North Korean soldier living in Japan, and a final, tragic resolution for two ill-fated lovers.More...

  • Licencié en France


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