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The Gods And Demons Of Zu Mountain

Drama | Chine | 3 commentaires

  • Also known as : 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇 (Shu Shuan Zhan Ji Zhi Jian Xia Chuan Qi) / 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇蜀 (Shǔshān Zhàn Jì Zhī Jiànxiá Chuánqí) / 蜀山剑侠传 (Shǔshān Jiànxiá Chuán) / 蜀山 (Shǔshān) / The New Shushan Knight Errant Swordsman Biography / The Legend Of Zu Mountain / The Legend Of Zu
  • Genre : Aventure, Arts martiaux, Wuxia, Fantastique, Drame, Historique
  • Aired : 22 Septembre 2015 au 22 Janvier 2016
  • Network : iQIYi
  • Number of episodes : 56
  • Average duration : 45 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Nicky Wu, Marcus Zhang, William Chan, Louis Fan, J.J. Jia, Zanilia Zhao, He Zhong Hua, Zong Feng Yan, Damon Guo, Yilia Yu, Vengo Gao, Liu Si Tong, Sunny Ng Wah-Sun Plus...
  • Synopsis : Currently not available.
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    • Ryuukarion a écrit: 23 décembre 2019
      hello hello ! :D

      Joyeux noël ! OH OH OH OH :3

      j'aurais besoin de votre aide chers membre de dogaru, je suis a la recherche de ce drama ou alor des str vostfr ^^ ce qui pourrai maider je vous remercie en avance !! :D :D :D

      encore merciiiii d'avance *-*
    • jilow a écrit: 1 août 2017
      Mt Shu is Jiang Hu's number 1 sect for many years. In order to protect the world from harm, Shangguan Jingwo placed the enchanted gem into Ding Yin's body to prevent the green-clothed reverent from stealing it over. Ding Yin then later went under Mt Shu to practice his sword skills, aiming to be Mt Shu's best disciple and seek revenge on Li Pao. He meets Li Pao's daughter, Yu Wuxin, by chance and realizes that she looks exactly like his deceased wife. The two fell in love. At the same time, the inner conflicts within Mt Shu starts to unravel itself, and a disaster is about to fall upon the pugilistic world. Ding Yin, together with his sect mates Dan Chengzi, Zhuge Ziying, Zhou Qingyun and his sworn brother Xiaozhang, set on a journey to prevent the disasters from happening. However, they instead fall into a more sinister plot, leading to everyone's relationships to fall apart

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