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  • Also known as : 아프리카 (Apeurika) / Afrika
  • Genre : Aventure, Drame
  • Aired : 11 Janvier 2002
  • Duration : 112 min.
  • Director : Shin Seung-Soo
  • Cast : Lee Yo-Won, Park Jung-Woo (1968), Park Young-Kyu, Sung Ji-Roo, Jo Eun-Ji (1981), Kim Gyu-Ri, Rie Young-Zin
  • Synopsis : One summer, Yo-won fails her major and just gets fired from her part-time job, while Min-sun, an aspiring actress, gets humiliated in all kinds of ways by her academic advisor. Tired of the usual obvious advice people give, they drop everything and leave on a trip to Gangleung. But, then they discover a couple of revolvers in their borrowed car - the two revolvers that Detective Kim, from the Violent Crimes Division, and Nalchi, a middle boss in the organization, lost while gambling. The girls assume the guns are fake and pull the trigger - and the window shield goes out. From then on, their plans go awry and the two girls keep getting swept up into strange events. They meet up with Young-mi, a country tearoom waitress who has a complex about her looks, and Jin-a, who dreams of revenging herself on the guy who toyed with her and led her on. When these girls, attracted by the revolvers, get together, events snowball out of control.More...
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