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  • Genre : Romance, Drame
  • Aired : 13 Août 2007 au 14 Mars 2008
  • Network : GMA Network
  • Number of episodes : 155
  • Cast : Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, Katrina Halili, Jestoni Alarcon, Nadine Samonte, Rita Avila, Manilyn Reynes, Gabby Eigenmann, Sheena Halili Plus...
  • Synopsis : Marimar lives a happy, and carefree life by the sea. Being raised in the island by an old couple who found her drifting in the sea, Marimar did not know of her cruel and tragic past and lived a life with a positive and naive attitude. Marimar's tale begins when she falls inlove with Sergio, who marries her to get revenge at his socialite ex-girlfriend Angelica, who married Sergio's father. And as Marimar begins to realize the truth of the harsh world, her past starts to find her back.More...
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