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Call For Love

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  • Also known as : 爱情呼叫转移
  • Genre : Romance
  • Aired : 8 Février 2007
  • Duration : 94 min.
  • Cast : Annie Yi, Eva Huang, Fan Bing Bing, Michelle Bai, Gong Bei Bi, Xu Zheng, Song Jia, Cady Yang Plus...
  • Synopsis : After being married for seven years, Xu Lang, a white collar office manager, has started to get tired of the same routine in his marriage. After asking his wife for a divorce, he is given a magical cell phone by an angel. The cell phone allows him to have romantic encounters with different women. After various dates and courtships with 12 beautiful women, he still cannot meet the right one. He attempts to mend things over with his wife, only to find that his ex-wife has met another man and found happiness. The movie ends with Xu meeting his old love interest from 15 years ago, suggesting a new relationship between them.More...
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