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  • Also known as : シメシ (Shimeshi)
  • Genre : Drame, Cuisine, Tranche de vie
  • Aired : 21 Juin 2015 au 12 Juillet 2015
  • Network : MBS / TBS
  • Number of episodes : 4
  • Average duration : 24 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Hayashi Kento, Murakami Jun
  • Synopsis : Le Bon Vivre is an intriguing restaurant that can reproduce cooking which no longer exists. People who visit the restaurant are those that feel conflicted, have worries or stand at the crossroads in life. Terayashiki Renichi (Murakami Jun), the taciturn chef with pride in his cooking, and his excellent assistant chef Oze Kiyoi (Hayashi Kento) present solutions to these worries with their new food.
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