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Love Fight

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  • Also known as : ラブファイト (Rabu Faito)
  • Genre : Action, Romance, Sport
  • Aired : 15 Novembre 2008
  • Duration : 126 min.
  • Cast : Hayashi Kento, Namioka Kazuki, Osawa Takao, Toba Jun, Fujimura Shoko, Kitano Kii, Sakurai Sachiko
  • Synopsis : Minoru and Aki have grown up together from a young age. Contrary to wimpish Minoru, Aki, who normally looks ladylike, is very strong at fighting, hence Aki has always protected Minoru from being bullied. Their dynamics remains the same into their high school years. Wanting to break out of this situation, Minoru starts going to a boxing gym run by Oki, whom he met by chance. However, Aki, who gets wind of it, is fascinated with boxing as well, and joins the same boxing club. Minoru feels depressed as he is again unable to break free of Aki’s influence. Through boxing, however, Minoru realizes that he has been running away from Aki and not facing her properly until now.More...
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    • daisynana a écrit: 29 juin 2016
      LE voila il est dispo sur le site
    • DarkCreek a écrit: 8 mai 2011
      Ouiiiiin je veux voir ce film depuis que je suis inscrite... C'est dommage, il avait l'air vraiment intéressant !
    • magie33 a écrit: 11 décembre 2010
      j'aurais bien aimé le voir... dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de trad!!

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