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  • Also known as : Seoul Mates
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance, Drame
  • Aired : 10 Novembre 2014
  • Duration : 115 min.
  • Cast : Ji Soo, Mimi Juareza
  • Synopsis : Alice, a 30-year-old Filipino trans woman, flew to Korea to chase after her boyfriend who she discovers is now living with his new girlfriend. Joon, a 25-year-old Korean musician, is pressured by his traditional parents to find a more stable job and girlfriend. At a bridge in the middle of Seoul, the two brokenhearted souls fatedly cross paths.
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    • MaevaVives a écrit: 8 janvier 2016
      Si quelqu'un arrive à trouver un lien même en Vo je suis preneuse ! :D
      Merci d'avance !


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