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  • Also known as : Soulmates / Companion
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance, Thriller, Drame
  • Aired : 22 Septembre 2014 au 27 Février 2015
  • Number of episodes : 106
  • Average duration : 20 minutes per episode.
  • Synopsis : Arzoo is shown to be a hardworking and virtuous woman who lives with her mother Nausheen and sisters Zara and Myra. She dreams of becoming a successful fashion designer and has a hatred for her father Sarfaraz, who left them for his second wife Farah. When her family's factory burns down, being their only source of income, Arzoo decides to leave for Mumbai. She begins to reside at Nausheen's close friend Alvira Chaudhary's house and finds work at the prestigious fashion house Saiyaara. Arzoo accidentally disrupts an ongoing fashion show and when confronted by a man named Sahir, she throws her cellphone at him in anger, after which she learns that he is the CEO and her boss. She further discovers that he is also Alvira's eldest son. While Arzoo stays at the Chaudhary house, Sahir's younger sister-in-law Anam and their close relative Kurti Aapa dislike and consistently taunt her. Anam steals Arzoo's designs and presents them to Sahir to acquire the position of chief designer. Arzoo ultimately proves that she is the one who rightfully deserves the position. Although Sahir, a pristine and seemingly cold person, is annoyed by Arzoo, he appreciates her effort and talent. He gradually begins to feel attracted to her but reprimands and controls himself from getting close to her. It is soon revealed that he has a wife named Zeenat, who is in a comatose state due to her car accident seven years ago. Sahir is determined to fulfill his promise to her of becoming a very successful businessman. A love triangle forms as Arzoo also falls for Sahir but is too scared to express her feelings, and Alvira's younger son Zaki falls for Arzoo. After Kurti Aapa poisons his mind, Sahir believes that Arzoo desires to acquire only his wealth and is a gold-digger. He gets jealous constantly witnessing Zaki and Arzoo's close friendship. Zaki's old girlfriend Samaira shows up and reveals that she is pregnant with his child. Rahman, her father and Sahir's only partner who can fulfill his promise to Zeenat, threatens to destroy Sahir if he will not get Zaki married to Samaira. Zaki tells Sahir that he loves Arzoo, after which Sahir tries to convince him of her fraud character. He challenges Zaki that he will get Arzoo to express her love to him as a way of showing Zaki that she wants wealth. Sahir pampers and romances Arzoo, and tells her he is in love with her, after which she too hesitantly confesses her feelings. He asks her to marry him and after she agrees, breaks her heart by revealing that he is already married and that his love was just a drama. Sahir immediately learns that he actually does love Arzoo and hates himself for hurting her. She is shocked by his revelation and vows to hate him. Zaki, still bent on marrying Arzoo, confesses his love to her. Arzoo tentatively accepts his proposal in order to defy Sahir, who interrupts their marriage and blackmails Arzoo to marry him instead. She agrees and Zaki is left heartbroken. Meanwhile, Zeenat shows signs of recovering from coma and is brought into the house. Arzoo is disturbed when Zeenat grabs her hand and smiles at her, but everyone dismisses her because it seems impossible for any activity to occur while she in a coma.Arzoo believes that Zeenat is out of coma. In between all, this in order to save Arzoo from the shooter, he takes the bullet. Sahir is taken to the hospital and is recovered. When he arrives home, someone puts poison in his IV drip but Arzoo saves him. When Sahir comes to know this, he asks her why did she risk her life in order to save him. She says he also saved her from the bullet.

    ACP Rathore is investigating the case and he asks how everything happened; meanwhile, Arzoo gets to know that Alvira is not Sahir's mother but instead she is Zeenat's mother and Sahir is his son-in-law. Arzoo asks Sahir to not to be secret-baaz and keep no secrets between them as she sees his pain. Arzoo gives medicine to Sahir and as Sahir is about to eat she sees they are expired and stops him. Arzoo sees Zeenat drowning in the pool and saves her, and she is blamed for her drowning as Rathore is getting suspicious on Arzoo. Rathore makes a chart to see who can kill Zeenat, he tells Arzoo it can be Alvira and few moments later Alvira is the one being attacked too, so Rathore says Alvira is a victim too. Arzoo insist Sahir to tell her about his past life with Zeenat and he says he has a meeting and leaves. Sahir buys flowers for Arzoo and invites her for supper, Arzoo wanting to look special for the date she orders and outfit from Saiyara but Kurti Apa exchanges it with a different saree. Arzoo shows up at the restaurant, Sahir gets upset saying you're not Zeenat and you will never be like her either and tells her that she is wearing Zeenat's saree that he gave her on their anniversary. Arzoo is driving and she is in tears she hits Zeenat's wheelchair with the car. Rathore shows up at the scene right away and asks who was driving and Sahir says he was driving, everyone gets in the car and they ask Sahir to drive home, he has a driving phobia but still he drives to save Arzoo from getting arrested. Arzoo says i know i will never be like Zeenat, Sahir gets upset and says you can never be like her and i will say it over and over because you are good and you are mine, a flashback is shown of Zeenat being ignorant to Sahir and saying that she can't spend her life with a simple artist as she felt suffocated with him and wanted divorce, After hearing what Zeenat was like Arzoo and Sahir get intimate with each other and are about to consummate their marriage but they are disturbed by a scream so they quickly leave to get there and see Zeenat on the floor as she was attacked again. Rathore tells Sahir that Zeenat wanted to divorce Sahir before the accident and Sahir is shocked that how does he know. Rathore changes topic. Sahir gets to know that Anam was Zeenat's college friend Anu and she knows the truth behind her accident 7 years ago. It's Valentine's Day, Arzoo plans a surprise for Sahir. Arzoo gets to know that Sahir was the one who burnt their family factory in Lucknow. Sahir has to sign one last deal before he can fulfill the promise made to Zeenat. Anam gets to know that Zeenat is just acting to be in coma and she admits that she can live as a widow but not as Sahir's divorcee. Arzoo gets kidnapped,and Anam is held responsible to Arzoo's kidnapping. Anam blackmails Alvira saying that she knows that she tried to kill Zeenat and she has a video and on top she has evidence. Zeenat and Rathore plan to kidnap Anam as she knows the truth. Zen knows that her fake coma is not going to last she pretends to come out of coma and recovering, she tries to be nice in Sahir's eyes because he is rich now. Anam is kidnapped but she leaves a file behind with Arzoo. Sahir sees Zeenat's dad's will copy. Everyone gathers, Alvira admits that she is Zeenat's step mother and Zeenat's dad put all the property on Zeenat's name and nothing for her kids. She admits that she was the one behind Zeenat's accident. Rathore asks Zeenat to run away with him infant of everyone and she gets nervous and says she doesn't know him. Rathore admits that he killed Rubina thinking it was Arzoo, he attacked Arzoo in her room, shot Arzoo but Sahir got shot instead, and mixed poison in Sahirs IV drip. Police arrests Rathore and Zeenat as they are both exposed. Kurti Apa apologize to Arzoo and Sahir for always supporting Zeenat who was wrong all along. Sahir and Arzoo promise to each other that they will always love each other. Sahir gives Saiyaaira to Zaki, and makes Anam the VP of saiyaaira. Sahir and Arzoo look back at them for the last time and bid them goodbye. The show ends with Sahir and Arzoo's happy union.
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