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Painted Skin

Drama | Taïwan   Chine | Aucun commentaire

  • Also known as : 画皮 (Hua Pi)
  • Genre : Action, Aventure, Romance, Fantastique, Historique
  • Aired : 11 Mars 2011 au 2 Avril 2011
  • Network : TVS4 / ZJTV
  • Number of episodes : 34
  • Average duration : 45 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Calvin Li (1978), Tammy Chen, Gui Gui, Yang Mi, Zhao Yi (1975), Fiona Sit, Qi Yu Wu, Calvin Li (1976), Na Jia Wei Plus...
  • Synopsis : Painted Skin tells the tale of a demon fox, Xiao Wei, who disguises herself as a human. As a demon living in a human world, she must vow not to hurt others and not to fall in love. However she has already fallen in love with Wang Sheng, a man who saved her when she was in her fox form and caught in a trap. She enters the household of Wang Sheng in hopes of just to get close to him. His faithful wife, Pei Rong, gets in the way of Xiao Wei's plans. Pei Rong knows that Xiao Wei is a demon, but no one believes her claims.More...
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