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Miracle Man

Drama | Japon | 1 commentaire

  • Also known as : 奇跡の人 (Kiseki no Hito)
  • Genre : Romance, Drame, Mélodrame
  • Aired : 24 Avril 2016 au 12 Juin 2016
  • Network : NHK
  • Number of episodes : 8
  • Average duration : 50 minutes per episode.
  • Director : Kariya Shunsuke
  • Cast : Katsuji Ryo, Mitsuishi Ken, Aso Kumiko, Miyamoto Nobuko, Yamauchi Takaya, Asaka Kodai, Mineta Kazunobu, Sumida Moeno Plus...
  • Synopsis : Ichitaku lives without having a reason. One day, he falls in love with Hana who struggles with her harsh life. Hana's daughter Kai has problems with her ears and eyes. Kai has a hard time dealing with her daily life. Ichitaku wants to help Hana and Kai.
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    • line80 a écrit: 24 novembre 2016
      très beau drama, le synopsis ne lui rend pas justice; laissez vous tenter

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