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Wawa No Cidal

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  • Also known as : 太陽的孩子 (Tai Yang De Hai Zi) / Taiyang De Haizi / Panay
  • Genre : Drame
  • Aired : 25 Septembre 2015
  • Duration : 99 min.
  • Synopsis : 'The little elder sister and younger brother, Nakaw and Sera, lived with grandpa in a beautiful tribe near the coastline. Their mother Panay worked in Taipei far away from, who could return home to meet the children after quite a long time. One day, grandpa got sick, so Panay had to come home for taking care of her father, and then she found that the tribe had changed. The invasion of sightseeing buses and tourists had damaged the tribe's original simplicity and tranquility; even now there was a consortium who wanted to purchase the tribe's land.More...
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