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  • Also known as : Seklusyon
  • Genre : Thriller, Religion
  • Aired : 25 Décembre 2016
  • Duration : 90 min.
  • Director : Erik Matti
  • Synopsis : In 1947, a group of deacons (aspiring priests) on their last week of training are sent to a remote convent to live in seclusion for seven days, to protect them from the devil, who, on the last few days of training, attempts to break the will of deacons to make them reconsider their choice of becoming priests. In the midst of their seclusion, a little girl named Anghela, believed by locals to be a living saint because of her healing abilities, is sent to the convent, seeking refuge. But as time goes on, whether Anghela is an angel or an agent of the devil becomes more and more unclear.More...
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