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Dear Etranger

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  • Also known as : 幼な子われらに生まれ (Osanago Warera Ni Umare)
  • Genre : Drame, Famille
  • Aired : 26 Août 2017
  • Duration : 127 min.
  • Cast : Asano Tadanobu, Kudo Kankuro, Tanaka Rena, Terajima Shinobu, Ikeda Narushi, Mizusawa Shingo, Minami Sara, Maharu Nemoto Plus...
  • Synopsis : A 40-year old man sees his life change when his wife gets pregnant. He already has a daughter from his first marriage whom he rarely sees and two step-daughters, from his wife's first marriage. The youngest of his step-daughters is looking forward to a baby brother or sister, but the oldest doesn't welcome the news and suddenly decides that she wants to live with her father. And as if that were not enough trouble, he is forced out of his good office job into an inferior position.More...
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