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Full Moon In New York

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  • Also known as : 三个女人的故事(台) / 人在纽约 (Ren Zai Niu Yue) / 人在紐約
  • Genre : Drame
  • Aired : 1 Mars 1990
  • Duration : 88 min.
  • Cast : Maggie Cheung, Sylvia Chang
  • Synopsis : Three Chinese women with vastly different backgrounds get acquainted and become friends amid the social desolation of New York. Chao Hong (Sichingowa) is from mainland China, and has come to marry a Chinese man with American citizenship. Aside from the difficulties of being newly married to a virtual stranger, she suffers from separation from her family and her homeland. Wang Hsiung Ping (Sylvia Chang) was an actress in Taiwan, and has come to New York to be with her American boyfriend. Now she has broken up with him, and is not at all certain what she wants to do. Li Feng Jiao (Maggie Cheung) is financially secure, as she owns a restaurant in the U.S. and has property in the U.S. and in Hong Kong - but she is too busy to have a romantic life.More...
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