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Zero: The Bravest Money Game

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  • Also known as : ゼロ 一獲千金ゲーム (Zero Ikkaku Senkin Gemu)
  • Genre : Action, Suspense, Mystère
  • Aired : 15 Juillet 2018 au 16 Septembre 2018
  • Network : NTV
  • Number of episodes : 10
  • Average duration : 46 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Kato Shigeaki, Kobayashi Kendo, Umezawa Tomio, Koike Eiko, Kato Ryo, Okayama Amane, Mamiya Shotaro, Koseki Yuta, Sugino Yosuke Plus...
  • Synopsis : Zero Ukai (Shigeaki Kato) teaches middle school students at a private institute. In reality, he is a hero who saves the weak that suffers. Zero Ukai participates in a survival game. The game takes place at an amusement park that is under construction. The participants of the game must risk their lives, but the winner will receive 100 billion yen. The participants help each other and strike up friendships.
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    • Dimanche 22h30
    • Ce drama est basé sur le manga "Tobaku Haoden Zero" de Nobuyuki Fukumoto.
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