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Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself

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  • Also known as : 今晚打喪屍 (Gam Maan Da Song Si) / 今晚打僵尸 / Gam Maan Da Geung Si / Jin Wan Jiang Shi / Z For Zombie
  • Genre : Action, Horreur
  • Aired : 29 Juin 2017
  • Duration : 105 min.
  • Cast : Louis Cheung, Carrie Ng, Cherry Ngan
  • Synopsis : Lung (starring Michael Ning) and Chi-Yeung (starring Louis Cheung) are two eccentric hot-blooded young men leading a devil-may-care life. They deem themselves as heroes that can save the earth. However, Lung can do nothing about things in life that don't work out as he wishes: he has to move out from where he has grown up; his step-mother Shan (starring Carrie Ng) has chronic depression; he finds his father (starring Alex Man) who's just out of jail so annoying to get on with; his friend Chi-Yeung is fervently chasing a girl named Chan-Yat (starring Cherry Ngan) while his own idol, a star called Yee-Sue (starring Venus Wong), is still unreachable. In the meantime, a monster from Lung's favorite animation appears in the city out of reason and turns people into zombies. The outbreak of this zombie crisis is followed by a widespread chaos all round. Even Lung's neighbors have become zombies as well. Lung's father happens to be out of town traveling with Shan. And Chan-Yat has gone missing too. Lung risks his life to break into the infected town in order to take her back home and meanwhile realizes he is merely a loser and slick talker. But he decides not to avoid anymore and to fight a battle against zombies tonight.More...
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