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Satyameva Jayate

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  • Genre : Action, Policier
  • Aired : 15 Août 2018
  • Duration : 140 min.
  • Cast : John Abraham, Manoj Bajpai
  • Synopsis : The movie starts with gruesome killing of a Policeman by hooded guy. The guy burned alive the Policeman and put his ashes in stairs of Police Station in a pot. He challenged all Corrupt Policeman that he will kill all of them brutally if they don't stop taking bribe. The safety of Mumbai city has been assigned to a police department with roughly 200,000 officers, the majority of whom are corrupt. When four such police inspectors are burnt alive in a series of merciless killings, the entire police force is rocked with terror. The media is looking for answers. The public is on the fence over these killings. These crimes reflect upon Veer, a bold, calculating, and unapologetic vigilante. Fearing the next attack, the Commissioner calls upon DCP Shivansh, their best bet to catch Veer. What follows is a confrontation of epic proportions which takes us through the corrupt underbelly of the Financial Capital. Veer and Shivansh are against the same enemy, but they are divided by a fine line.More...
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