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The Lady Improper

Film | Hong-Kong | 1 commentaire

  • Also known as : 非分熟女 (Fei fen shu nü)
  • Genre : Drame
  • Aired : 4 Avril 2019
  • Duration : 108 min.
  • Cast : Chris Wu (1982), Charlene Choi
  • Synopsis : Siu Man is a nurse who has lost who she is as a person. Her marriage has ended partly due to her fear of intimacy and, having been abandoned by her husband, she now faces losing her father after he is hospitalised. Siu Man decides to reboot her life by taking over her father's restaurant but without the experience of being a chef, she has to hire someone. In steps Chia-hao, a Paris-trained cordon bleu chef, who is a free spirit but also treats cooking as serious philosophy and is able to recreate her father's culinary style. It seems that the handsome chef cooks up a storm in and out of the kitchen as he helps Siu Man learn to deliver delicious food and his delicious looks arouses her desire. Through him, Siu Man faces her fear of intimacy head-on and liberates herselfMore...
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