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  • Also known as : 恭喜八婆 (Gong Xi Ba Po) / Gong Hei Bat Poh / Missbehaviour
  • Genre : Comédie
  • Aired : 31 Janvier 2019
  • Duration : 90 min.
  • Cast : Lam Suet, Gigi Leung, Dada Chan, Carmen Tong
  • Synopsis : Six girls and two boys often talk to one another in their mobile group chat, "Pat Poh". However, their friendship starts getting strained when various conflicts arise among them, such as Inspector May finding out that Isabel had an affair with her boyfriend, and internet celebrity Rosalin publishing a book containing everyone's love secrets. They eventually abandon the group but one day, when June gets into trouble, everyone bands together again to help her, putting their grudges aside for the moment. When everyone's long-suppressed grievances and problems break loose, the group of friends find themselves trying to save not only June but their long gone friendship.More...
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