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Hi Bye, Mama!

Drama | Corée du sud | 2 commentaires

  • Also known as : 하이바이, 마마!
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance, Fantastique, Famille
  • Aired : 22 Février 2020 ~ on going (jusqu'au 12 Avril 2020)
  • Network : tvN
  • Number of episodes : 16
  • Average duration : 70 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Ahn Nae-Sang, Han In-Soo, Ban Hyo-Jung, Kim Mi-Kyung, Kim Tae-Hee (1980), Park Eun-Hye, Shin Dong-Mi, Shin Soo-Yun, Park Soo-Young, Seo Woo-Jin, Na Soo-Yoon, Choi Dae-Sung, Oh Eui-Sik, Go Bo-Gyul, Shim Wan-Joon, Lee Jae-Woo, Bae Hae-Soon, Lee Gyu-Hyung, Bae Yoon-Gyung, Kim Dae-Gon Plus...
  • Synopsis : It's the story of a mother who died and begins a 49-day long project of reincarnation, and a husband who has barely begun to live a new life after overcoming the pain of losing his wife.
    Jo Kang Hwa is a skilled thoracic surgeon. After losing his wife four years ago, he had been working as a single father until he got married again two years ago. While he seems like a caring person, he does not offer a hand nor intervene when needed.
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