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The Captain

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  • Also known as : The Chinese Pilot 中国机长 Zhongguo jizhang
  • Genre : Drame, Histoire vraie
  • Aired : 30 Septembre 2019
  • Duration : 111 min.
  • Director : Andrew Lau
  • Cast : Zhang Han Yu, Li Qin, Ou Hao, Zhang Ya Mei, Du Jiang
  • Synopsis : The captain Liu Chuanjian (Zhang Hanyu) is getting prepared for a regular flight from Chongqing to Lhassa with his two co-pilots, Xu Ruichen (Oho Ou) and Liang Peng (Du Jiang) and with the flight attendants supervised by Bi Nan (Yuan Quan). The aircraft an Airbus A319, seams to not have any particularity. Approximately forty minutes after take-off, at 32 000 ft, the windshield explose, planning one of the co-pilots outside.The aircraft depressurize and the radio communication are inoperative. The capitain Liu Chuanjian and his crew are the only survival hope of the 119 passengers.More...
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    • L'histoire est basée sur l'incident du vol 3U8633 du 14 mai 2018 lors duquel un avion de ligne est forcé d'atterrir d'urgence après la rupture du pare-brise du cockpit.
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