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A Little Princess

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  • Also known as : 감쪽같은 그녀 (Gamjjokkateun Geunyeo) / The Little Princess
  • Genre : Drame, Famille
  • Aired : 4 Décembre 2019
  • Duration : 104 min.
  • Cast : Go Gyu-Pil, Im Hyun-Sung, Choi Jung-Yoon, Chun Woo-Hee, Kang Bo-Kyung, Lee Mi-Young, Na Moon-Hee, Kwon So-Hyun, Yoon Song-Ha, Kim Soo-Ahn, Heo Jae-Ho, Shim Wan-Joon Plus...
  • Synopsis : A poor granny ended up with her granddaughters after her daughter passed away.
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