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Middle Love

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  • Also known as : พี่เจตคนกลาง
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance, Amitié, Gay
  • Aired : 2021 ~ on going
  • Cast : Siraphop Manitikun, Sittichok Pueakpoolpol, Karn Kritsanaphan
  • Synopsis : Jade works as a graphic designer. He is always the one in the middle. Middle child. He has got an average grade in school. People around him either his siblings or his friends are so good-looking that he has always been overlooked or becomes just a middleman for those who want to know his siblings and friends personally. Jade has been in this situation for years and has to accept it unwillingly. He has built a high wall in his heart. He does not expect a romantic relationship since he has learned that whoever comes to him just want to get close to the people around him. One day, his office welcomes an intern called Mai. Mai is an attractive student who is popular among the girls in the office. Jade notices that Mai often stares at him and his friend, Uea. He thinks Mai is interested in Uea, and yes- he will become a middleman for this again. But, he does not know that the one Who actually catches Mai's eye is him. Let's see what will happen when the middleman will not be overlooked as before!More...
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    • Adapté du roman de littlebbear96
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