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A Girl Like Me

Drama | Chine | Aucun commentaire

  • Also known as : 我就是这般女子 Wo Jiu Shi Zhe Ban Nu Zi , I'm Just That Kind of Girl , I Am This Type of Woman , I'm Such A Girl , I Am Just This Type of Girl
  • Genre : Action, Comédie, Romance, Historique
  • Aired : 18 Janvier 2021 ~ on going
  • Network : Tencent Video
  • Number of episodes : 36
  • Average duration : 45 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Wang Jian Xin, Li Chung Lin, Gabrielle Guan, Zhao Shun Ran, Xia Nan, Neo [Fresh Teenager Geek], An Yong Chang, Leo Jiang, Yang Ming Na, Chen Zheng Yang Plus...
  • Synopsis : Currently not available.
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    • Lundi - Mardi - Mercredi
    • Adapté du roman "Wo Jiu Shi Zhe Ban Nu Zi" (我就是这般女子) de Yue Xia Die Ying (月 下 蝶影).
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