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Edo Moiselle

Drama | Japon | 13 commentaires

  • Also known as : 江戸モアゼル~令和で恋、いたしんす。~ (Edo Moiselle: Reiwa de Koi, Itashinsu) / えどモアゼル れいわでこい いたしんす
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance, Fantastique
  • Aired : 7 Janvier 2021 au 11 Mars 2021
  • Network : NTV
  • Number of episodes : 10
  • Average duration : 43 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Hayama Shono, Okada Yui
  • Synopsis : Kuraji Shunsuke suddenly sees one evening unload in front of him a woman dressed in oiran of the Edo period. Senka, as her name is, is in fact a courtesan from the past and lost in the modern era. Shunsuke lives with his uncle Takehiko and also works in the cafe run by the latter. Without any other solution, Senka also settles down with Shunsuke and tries to start working as a waitress in the cafe but her ways inherited from another time and another environment obviously do not go unnoticed. Shunsuke is also in love with his childhood friend Kasuga Izumi who works in an internet communication agency run by Torii Naoki who looks like two drops of water to an acquaintance of Senka.More...
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