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A Boy And Sungreen

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  • Also known as : 보희와 녹양 (Bo-hee-wa Nok-yang)
  • Genre : Amitié, Drame, Famille
  • Aired : 20 Mai 2019
  • Duration : 99 min.
  • Cast : Hwang Gun (1979), Lee Hae-Young, Shin Dong-Mi, Min Kyung-Jin, Ahn Ji-Ho, Park Geun-Rok, Kim Hyun-Bin, Kim So-Ra (1988) Plus...
  • Synopsis : Bo Hee, a 14 year old boy, was raised by a single mother and has always thought his father had passed away. Bo Hee hears that his father may be alive, and he sets out in search for him with his best friend Nok Yang (Sungreen). He finds his half sister on the way and forms a friendship with her boyfriend.
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