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My Blood & Bones in a Flowing Galaxy

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  • Also known as : 砕け散るところを見せてあげる (Kudake Chiru Tokoro wo Miseteageru) / The Ashes of My Flesh and Blood Is the Vast Flowing Galaxy / My Blood and Bones in a flowing Galaxy / I'll Show You Where it Shatters / Kudakechiru Tokoro o Misete Ageru
  • Genre : Romance, Thriller, Drame, Ecole
  • Aired : 9 Avril 2021
  • Duration : 127 min.
  • Director : Sabu
  • Cast : Nomaguchi Toru, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Harada Tomoyo, Yada Akiko, Matsui Airi, Nakagawa Taishi, Ishii Anna, Inowaki Kai, Kino Hana, Wakabayashi Jiei, Kitamura Takumi, Inukai Naoki, Aoki Yuzu, Kiyohara Kaya, Noda Mio, Shimizu Toya, Fukuyama Shodai Plus...
  • Synopsis : Kiyozumi Hamada ( Taishi Nakagawa ) is a 3rd year high school student. He has a strong sense of justice. One day, he sees the first year student Hari Kuramoto ( Anna Ishii ) being harassed. He helps her. From that moment on, Kiyozumi Hamada tries to save Hari Kuramoto from the bullies. By doing this, they get closer.
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