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Black Light

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  • Also known as : 빛과 철, bichgwa cheol, Light and Iron
  • Genre : Drame, Crime
  • Aired : 18 Février 2021
  • Duration : 106 min.
  • Cast : Kang Jin-A, Kim Si-Eun (1987), Lee Joo-Won (1976), Park Ji-Hoo
  • Synopsis : As she comes close to the truth, unwanted secrets come out.

    A car accident happened. One died, and the other went into a coma. The case was concluded as the dead one’s fault. Being guilt-ridden, the dead man’s wife, Hee-ju struggles to move forward. One day, she learns that the victim tried to kill himself before the accident. Suspecting that the accident might be caused by the victim on purpose, she starts to reinvestigate the case all over again.More...
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