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On the Line

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  • Also known as : 보이스 (Boiseu) / Voice
  • Genre : Action, Crime, Mystère
  • Aired : 15 Septembre 2021
  • Duration : 109 min.
  • Cast : Kim Hee-Won (1971), Kim Moo-Yul, Lee Shi-Hoo, Byun Yo-Han, Park Myung-Hoon, Won Jin-Ah, Choi Byung-Mo, Ok Ja-Yoon, Yoon Byung-Hee, Lee Joo-Young (1987), Lee Kyu-Sung Plus...
  • Synopsis : The story is about Seo Joon, who loses everything to voice phishing and infiltrates the organization in China to meet Kwak Pro, the designer behind this system.
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