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Tomb of the River

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  • Also known as : 강릉, River's Grave, Gangneung
  • Genre : Action, Drame, Crime
  • Aired : 10 Novembre 2021
  • Duration : 100 min.
  • Cast : Jang Hyuk, Shin Seung-Hwan, Yoo Oh-Sung, Lee Chae-Young, Han Sun-Hwa, Kim Tae-Han, Oh Dae-Hwan, Park Sung-Geun, Jo Hyun-Shik, Park Tae-San Plus...
  • Synopsis : The boss of the biggest crime gang in Gangneung, Oh, plans to construct the largest resort in Asia. His most trusted underboss Gil-suk leads a comfortable life, carrying out Oh’s orders every day without ever dreaming of betraying him. Min-suk, a young gangster from Seoul with brains and ambitions, decides to jump into the resort business to build up his own influence. Min-suk uses all sorts of violent and deceitful means to acquire the resort. This puts Oh’s gang at risk, making Gil-suk hungry for revenge.More...
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