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Adult Trainee

Drama | Corée du sud | 2 commentaires

  • Also known as : 어른연습생 (Eoleunyeonseubsaeng)
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance, Amitié, Ecole
  • Aired : 12 Novembre 2021 au 26 Novembre 2021
  • Network : TVING
  • Number of episodes : 7
  • Average duration : 40 minutes per episode.
  • Director : Yoo Hak-Chan
  • Cast : Ryu Ui-Hyun, MiYoon [(G)I-DLE], Jo Yoo-Jung, RyeoUn, Lee Chang-Hyung, Kim Min-Ki (2002)
  • Synopsis : "Adult Trainee" tells the tale of hormonal teenagers as their bodies mature. There is Jae Min, who gets addicted to masturbation, conservative Yu Ra who begins a risqué rendezvous with her male friend and overweight Na Eun who’s never had a boyfriend before. The drama aims to express the raw and truthful worries and love stories of 18 year olds in a way that Gen Z can relate to.
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    • MerylW a écrit: 17 février 2022
      Bonjour comment dois je faire pour regarder les épidodes s'il vous plait?
    • rhynn a écrit: 28 décembre 2021
      bonjour je souhaiterais voir adult trainee, comment voir les episodes svp ?

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