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Our Blues

Drama | Corée du sud | 2 commentaires

  • Also known as : 우리들의 블루스 (Ulideului Beulluseu)
  • Genre : Drame, Compilation
  • Aired : 9 Avril 2022 au 12 Juin 2022
  • Network : Netflix / tvN
  • Number of episodes : 20
  • Average duration : 40 minutes per episode.
  • Director : Kim Kyu-Tae
  • Cast : Lee Byung-Hoon (1970), Shin Min-Ah, Cha Seung-Won, Han Ji-Min, Kim Woo-Bin, Park Hye-Na, Choi Young-Joon, Hyun Bong-Sik, Shim Dal-Gi Plus...
  • Synopsis : Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©
    "Our Blues " follows a group of people on Jeju island.

    Lee Dong-Seok (Lee Byung-Hun) was born in a small village on Jeju Island. He now sells stuff from his truck on the island. He is not a sophisticated man. Lee Dong-Seok then gets involved with Min Sun-A (Shin Min-A), who has just moved to Jeju. She has her own story which nobody knows.

    Choi Han-Soo (Cha Seung-Won) was born and raised on Jeju Island, but he moved away to the mainland. He has now returned to his hometown. He is a perfect city man. He meets his first love Jung Eun-Hee (Lee Jung-Eun). She runs a fishing store on the island. She is friends with Go Mi-Ran (Uhm Jung-Hwa). Go Mi-Ran has returned to her hometown in Jeju, because she got tired of the tough city life.

    Lee Young-Ok (Han Ji-Min), who moved to Jeju Island, has been a haenyeo (female diver) for the past 1 year. She is a bright person, but many rumors follow her around. She meets Park Jung-Joon (Kim Woo-Bin), who is a ship captain. He is a man with a warm heart and he is looking for a woman who will not leave Jeju. He falls in love with Lee Young-Ok.
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    • ManonMinho a écrit: 4 décembre 2023
      Très beau dramas , très beau casting
      j'ai versé des larmes
      je le conseille
    • nanou34300 a écrit: 20 juin 2022
      Mais c'est quoi cette fin ... depuis longtemps je ne trouve plus de drama digne de ce nom ... c'est un très beau drama mais faire des fins comme ca .... enfin bref . Drama très touchant Pourtant un casting brillant , le scénario, l’intrigue sympathique. et une belle OST (BTS (방탄소년단) JIMIN X Ha Sungwoon 'With You' MV) . mais ma préférée : MV] 헤이즈(Heize) - 마지막 너의 인사(The Last) | 우리들의 블루스(Our Blues) OST Part 2


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