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The 12th Suspect

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  • Also known as : 열두 번째 용의자 (Yeoldu Beonjjae Yonguija) / 남산 시인 살인사건 (Namsan Shiin Sarinsageon- / Poet Murder Incident
  • Genre : Policier, Drame, Historique, Mystère, Politique
  • Aired : 1 Juin 2019
  • Duration : 106 min.
  • Cast : Kim Sang-Kyung, Jang Won-Young, Kim Dong-Young, Myung Kye-Nam, Nam Sung-Jin, Park Sun-Young, Jung Ji-Soon, Kim Ji-Hoon (1979), Nam Yun-Woo, Han Ji-An, Heo Sung-Tae Plus...
  • Synopsis : A military detective investigating the murder of a poet in the immediate aftermath of the Korean War.
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