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Dear Herbal Lord

Drama | Chine | 1 commentaire

  • Also known as : 亲爱的药王大人 (Qin Ai De Yao Wang Da Ren) / Dear King of Medicine / Dear My Herbal Lord
  • Genre : Romance, Wuxia, Fantastique, Historique
  • Aired : 10 Août 2020
  • Network : IQIYI
  • Number of episodes : 24
  • Average duration : 30 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Leo Yang, Yan Xi, Gavin Xie, Feng Ming Jing, Jiang Yu Wei, Cai Xiang Yu, Wang Bo Qing , Ding Yi Yi, Pan Zi Yan Plus...
  • Synopsis : Achieving immortal transformation through self-cultivation was once the sole goal of Song Lan, who used to be a woad plant. However, after being accidentally eaten by the County Princess, she needs to force Chu Zhi Mo, the “Herbal Lord,” into marriage, so that she can absorb the herbal essence in his body and thereby achieve her original goal.
    Silly as she is, little Song Lan is a tenacious girl determined to marry into Chu Zhi Mo’s family despite his indifference and her countless failure. Before starting her courting, she returns to Agarwood Mountain and takes a few intimate friends back to the earthly world to help her woo the Herbal Lord...

    (Source: iQIYI, MyDramaList
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