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Breakout Brothers

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  • Also known as : 逃獄兄弟 (Tao Yu Xiong Di) / 逃狱兄弟 (To Yuk Hing Dai)
  • Genre : Action, Comédie, Thriller, Drame
  • Aired : 3 Décembre 2020
  • Duration : 88 min.
  • Cast : Patrick Tam, Kenny Wong, Louis Cheung, Jeana Ho
  • Synopsis : Three inmates band together to plot a desperate escape. A gang leader doesn't want to miss his estranged daughter's wedding; a small-time hood with a good heart must donate an organ to save his dying mother; an altruistic executive who was framed by his partner strives to set the record straight. In classic prison-movie fashion, their plan is complicated by the corrupt administration, as well as by infighting among the penitentiary's various criminal factions.More...
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