Yu Bin - YOU

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Publiée le 16 avril 2023 par TaïJaKo
Yubin 于斌 - YOU | Official MV

"YOU" is Yubin's solo single which also served as the pre-released track for T.U.B.S's album "LOVE:ONE-ACT". This R&B song takes the metaphor of boats and harbor to express a mutual reliance between two people. In the MV, Yubin himself stars as the main character of a love story as he wanders between the two worlds, wherein the harbor is a safe haven.
看过海底的山丘,我们像潮汐永不朽。《YOU》是于斌2020年最新个人SOLO曲,也是T.U.B.S男团首张专辑《LOVE:ONE-ACT》先行曲,由于斌演唱,王天放作词。 以孤舟和透明避风港为意象,慢板抒情曲搭配MV画面,讲述耐人寻味而又语义丰富的爱情故事。轻快随性的R&B曲风,营造空灵听感,在冷暖色调碰撞中,俘获视听神经,双维度营造梦幻氛围。

Artiste(s) associé(s) : Yu Bin (1991)

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