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  • Also known as : 파파 (Papa)
  • Genre : Romance, Drame, Famille
  • Aired : 3 Janvier 1996 au 29 Février 1996
  • Network : KBS2
  • Number of episodes : 18
  • Average duration : 50 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Cha Tae-Hyun, Kim Min-Hee (1982), Yoon Son-Ha, Bae Yong-Jun, Choi Jong-Won, Jung Chan, Lee Young-Ae, Park Sol-Mi Plus...
  • Synopsis : Couple #1 "Truthful love" that matures through the asdness of break-up Hyun-jun and Sae-young, sho got married after a hot romance as a campus couple, collide because of trivial everyday problems. Ultimately, when Sae-young miscimceives her husband's relationship whirwinds into a divorce.

    Couple #2 "comical love" that is as comfortable and natural as a friendship Goong, Sae-young's elementary school classmate, is an oriental medicine doctor. He is a widowed single father. Ond day, he goes into a neighborhood drugstore and meets Hye-won. He is attracted to her, but at this time, a dispute arise and makes their relationship awkward.

    Couple #3 "naive and lively love" in which we can get a glimps of the typical new-generation love style. In-pyo, is a playboy by nature. He puts his excessive lifestyle in order and stives to becomd a famous actor after becoming attracted to his nephew Sae-byul's kindergartem teacher.
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