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Cheerful Of Love

Drama | Thaïlande | 6 commentaires

  • Also known as : The Cupids บริษัทรักอุตลุด - กามเทพหรรษา (The Cupids Series: Kammathep Hunsa) / The Cupid's 1 / Joyful Cupids / Cheerful Cupid
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance
  • Aired : 5 Mars 2017 au 24 Mars 2017
  • Network : Channel 3
  • Number of episodes : 8
  • Cast : Pakorn Chatborirak, Jarinporn Joonkiat, Anuchit Sapanpong, Chalida Wijitwongtong, Ameria Jacobs, Daraneenute Pasutanavin, Minthita Wattanakul, Suphakan Thanongsak, Toon Hiranyasap Plus...
  • Synopsis : Currently not available.
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    • kpoplove59 a écrit: 7 mai 2017
      Voila le résumé mais en anglais

      4 years ago Phim created the company Cupid Hut which is a matchmaking company and he has 8 beautiful girls with the title Cupids that each has different department. Phim found out that his company's income isn't hitting the goal that he has decided and thought that was because of the 8 cupids whose are all still single. With them being single, its hard for the client to trust them in matchmaking as they can't find their own. Phim called all the 8 girls to a meeting in valentine's day and get to know that all the girls has some kind of trouble with the love relationship, to the point to coma. He then,a dictator like him never suggest anything! He only have Command..He command the girls to have boyfriend before the next valentine and they will get 1 million bath in bonus and who can't find someone they will get none. Beside the bonus, if the company have bad income and the company has to close, all the girls that love each other have to go their own way and doesn't get to work at the company that they love

      Hunsa is a clumsy girl. She never had a boyfriend but would always make up stories about having one to her coworkers. It's because of her clumsiness that she always end up quitting her jobs. Finally, she finds a job as a Public Relation of Cupid. She has a dream of finding her soulmate in Korea. Tornpitaya or Tim is a famous businessman. He ends up having a scandalous picture at Cupid Hut's party with Angie, who is columnist. When it was revealed, it ruined his image. He accuses Cupid Hut. Hunsa's boss orders her to block Tim and so she does. Tim Tornpitaya is a strict and staid guy. He doesn't like Hunsa's clumsiness. Hunsa and Tim must live together in a yacht. Finally, Tim enchants Hunsa. After that, he pester her all the time. Meanwhile, Tim is malicious by a close relative. It is company rules that a worker cannot love a customer and Tim is pestered by a girl name Cindy who is a editor of Pink Lady Magazine
    • kpoplove59 a écrit: 28 avril 2017
      Alors j'ai bien aimé au début l'actrice principal est chiante ( avec son langage , elle confond les mots) mais au fur et à mesure ça passe
    • kpoplove59 a écrit: 23 avril 2017
      Pour ce qu'ils veulent le voir il est dispo en anglais sur la chaîne Neko^^Meow Meow sur dailymotion deuxième volet en train d'être traduit

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