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Battle of Love

Drama | Thaïlande | 5 commentaires

  • Also known as : The Cupids บริษัทรักอุตลุด - กามเทพ ออกศึก (The Cupids Series: Kamathep Ork Suek) / Cupid Go To War / The Cupid's 2
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance
  • Aired : 25 Mars 2017 au 8 Avril 2017
  • Network : Channel 3
  • Number of episodes : 7
  • Cast : Sirin Horwang, Daraneenute Pasutanavin, Pidsanu Nimsakul, Kawin Imanothai, Kannarun Wongkajornklai, Anant Boonnark, Toon Hiranyasap
  • Synopsis : Currently not available.
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    • kpoplove59 a écrit: 7 mai 2017
      Voila le résumé en anglais
      Horm Muen Lee, a cupid girl of Cupid Hut. She is a Chinese looking girl who has cup C boobs, white skin which is almost fluorescent, and is self conscious without make-up because she believe she looks like a Ju-On ghost. She has to join the love battlefield with her seven friends for finding the right guy for herself. She have cosmetic, and Pee a taxi driver help her. Finally, Horm know that her target is him. She is the heir of pig meat ball, and he's just a taxi driver. Moreover, he likes her without make up, but can she go anywhere without make up? Dream on! Soon, Horm finds out that Pee has a secret. It makes her doubt him. Who is Pee? Will her love end?
    • kpoplove59 a écrit: 23 avril 2017
      En train d'être traduit sur la chaîne Neko^^Meow Meow sur dailymotion

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