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Marionette (2018)

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  • Also known as : 나를 기억해 (Nareul Gieokhae) / 마리오네트 / Remember Me
  • Genre : Thriller, Crime, Mystère
  • Aired : Avril 2018
  • Duration : 116 min.
  • Cast : Go Gyu-Pil, Kim Hee-Won (1973), Kim Young-Ran, Jang Hyuk-Jin, Lee Yoo-Young (1989), Lee Hak-Joo, Oh Ha-Nee, Kim Da-Mi, Lee Je-Yoon Plus...
  • Synopsis : Seo-Rin (Lee Yoo-Young) works as a high school teacher. Her life is going and she is about get married soon. One day, she drinks coffee at her desk and falls asleep. The next day, she receives a text message that asks "Did you have a good dream?" and a photo is on her phone. The photo shows Seo-Rin partially undressed. Seo-Rin and ex-detective Kook-Cheol (Kim Hee-Won) work to find out who is responsible.
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