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Listening Snow Tower

Drama | Chine | 2 commentaires

  • Also known as : 聽雪樓 (Ting Xue Lou) / Yin Xue Lou / Tingxue Tower
  • Genre : Aventure, Romance, Wuxia, Fantastique
  • Aired : 6 Mai 2019 au 20 Juin 2019
  • Number of episodes : 56
  • Average duration : 45 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Han Cheng Yu, Qin Jun Jie, Lin Yuan, Crystal Yuan, Zhao Dong Ze, Yang Ming Na
  • Synopsis : A story that follows the master of Listening Snow Tower and the woman that he loves. He is a martial arts expert known to be a dragon among men and she is known as the blood demon's daughter.
    The Bai Yue Sect is a poison to mankind and the source of disaster in the pugilistic world. Bai Di, Xue Gu, and Xue Mo who are three of the most powerful martial arts experts in Wulin join hands with Xiao Shi Hui to defeat Bai Yue. Hua Lian, the sect leader of Bai Yue, makes use of a sacred bell to intrude Xue Mo's mind, thus forcing him to kill his wife with his own hands before taking his own life.
    Bai Di takes in Xue Mo's orphaned daughter Shu Jing Rong as his disciple. She grows up with her martial brothers Qin Lan, Qing Yu and Xue Gu's favored disciple Xiao Yi Qing who is the son of Xiao Shi Hui. When Jing Rong discovers that she is cursed with a fate that brings others misfortune, she becomes overwhelmed with guilt. Shu Jing Rong takes her father's Blood Rose Sword with her to join Listening Snow Tower. Together with the young master Xiao Yi Qing, they put up a fight against Bai Yue Sect.
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    • Marie2020 a écrit: 27 avril 2020
      Pour ma part, j'ai trouvé ce drama décevant. Ce n'est qu'une histoire de vengeance. Plusieurs personnes veulent se venger d'autres. Elles réussissent. Il y a un survivant évidemment qui lui aussi veut se venger à son tour. On entre tout simplement dans un cercle vicieux qui ne s'arrête pas. Sans parler du nombre de morts et du sang à profusion qui va avec. Dommage, car j'avais bien aimé le début qui était pourtant prometteur. Enfin, c'est mon avis.

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