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Closer To You

Drama | Chine | Aucun commentaire

  • Also known as : 我的刺猬女孩 (Wo De Ci Wei Nv Hai) / My Hedgehog Girl
  • Genre : Romance, Ecole
  • Aired : 21 Avril 2020 au 20 Avril 2020
  • Network : Youku
  • Number of episodes : 24
  • Average duration : 37 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Sabrina Zhuang
  • Synopsis : Wu Jing Hao, a high school student in the third and seventh class of Baichuan Middle School, was unintentionally released by Han Fei who happened to pass by during a mischievous encounter with his classmates. As a result, Han Fei, a new transfer student, entered Wu Jing Hao's sight. He found that Han Fei often took a class in class, had a heavy heart, and had a cold personality, which was inaccessible like a hedgehog. Later, Wu Jing Hao learned that Han Fei took his girlfriend Hong Tu Nan to barbecue for a year ago and accidentally caused Hong Tu Nan to be burned in a barbecue shop and unconscious, so Han Fei has been living in guilt.
    In order to unlock Han Fei's knot, Wu Jing Hao completed Hong Tu Nan's wish with her. Since then the two have become friends. Han Fei gradually became optimistic and cheerful and regained the motivation to learn. However, at this moment, a sudden accident happened. Wu Jing Hao was severely unconscious to save Han Fei from a car accident. As a result, Han Fei set up his ambition to learn medicine and finally became an excellent surgeon ten years later. Under the careful care of Han Fei, Wu Jing Hao showed signs of recovery.
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