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  • Also known as : ใครคือ...อองชองเต (Khrai Khue... Enchanté) / Who is Enchanté?
  • Genre : Comédie, Romance, Ecole, Gay
  • Aired : 28 Janvier 2022 au 1 Avril 2022
  • Network : GMMTV
  • Number of episodes : 10
  • Director : Pawis Saosrion
  • Cast : Chayakorn Jutamas, Gawin Caskey, Pusit Dittapisit, Kasidet Plookphol, Jiratchapong Srisang, Thanaboon Kiatniran, Tharatorn Jantharaworakarn, Jimmy Jitaphon Potiwihok, Jitaraphol Potiwihok Plus...
  • Synopsis : After living in France, Theo comes back to Thailand to study at his father's school. Living in Thailand once again makes his surroundings new, but he does make one friend, Ak. Theo finds a book in the library that welcomes him, and the writer is Enchanté, which means "nice to meet you" in French. Theo becomes curious about who this Enchanté guy is and tells Ak about it. Ak quickly exposes it, and four guys come forward claiming that they are this Enchanté fellow. Will Theo successfully guess who is the legit Enchanté among the 4 guys who claiming to be him?More...
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