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Troublesome Night 3

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  • Also known as : (阴阳路三之升棺发财) (Yīn yáng lù zhī shēng guān fā cái) (陰陽路三之升棺發財) (Yin yeung lo 3 : Sing goon fat choi)
  • Genre : Comédie, Horreur
  • Aired : 3 Janvier 1998
  • Duration : 99 min.
  • Director : Herman Yau
  • Cast : Louis Koo, Vincent Kok, Simon Lui, Shing Fui On
  • Synopsis : This is the third film in the "Troublesome Night" series, consisting of three loosely-connected segments. Shishedo (Allen Ting), a mortician, is grief-stricken when his favorite singer is killed in a car accident. As a result, he vows to help her get the most "appropriate" burial. Afterward, Shishedo disappears and leaves his co-workers to deal with the ghostly aftermath. In the next segment, Gigi (Christine Ng) wants a memorial service for her departed mother (Lan Law). Seizing the opportunity, Shishedo's co-workers coaxed Gigi into purchasing tons of service materials from them. Upset at the greed, the ghost of Gigi's mother returns to haunt the workers. Lastly, Hung (Fennie Yuen) was dumped by her boyfriend Daviv because the thought of her working at the mortuary doesn't appeal to him. When Hung does the unthinkable to escape the pain, Daviv finds himself facing retribution.More...
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