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Love And Destiny

Drama | Chine | 2 commentaires

  • Also known as : 三生三世宸汐缘 / The Fate of Chen Xi / Chen Xi Yuan
  • Genre : Romance, Wuxia
  • Aired : 15 Juillet 2019 au 16 Août 2019
  • Network : iQiyi
  • Number of episodes : 60
  • Average duration : 45 minutes per episode.
  • Cast : Ni Ni, Liu Qian Han, Zhang Zhi Xi, Karina Hai, Leo Li (1992), Yuan Hao
  • Synopsis : A love story between the God of War and a young maiden whose very existence can bring harm to the world.

    Ten thousand years ago, Jiu Chen (Chang Chen), known as the god of war, fell into a deep slumber after sealing away the demon lord. Ling Xi (Ni Ni) accidentally wakes him from his sleep and they fall in love. It is discovered that Ling Xi was born with an evil miasma that can help the demon lord break free and allow the demon tribe to rise to power.

    Jiu Chen refuses to kill an innocent and tries to change Ling Xi's fate. Through the encouragement of Jiu Chen, Ling Xi who was once innocent and naive transforms into a brave leader in a fight against evil.
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